How Important our life is


Albert Camus said “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”

In our day to day routine and busy life do we have time to think the importance of our life; it’s not too late, take time to figure it out. I am so lucky that GOD gives me chance to be a human. He created very small creatures on this earth but being human is a great thing & so we have to realize the importance of our life.

Don’t measure life from the point you were born till the day you die. This is the moment; live this now or never. Do the best you have in this moment. This is our life & we have to fight for our life, fight for what we believe, fight for the people we love. Think for a while we are so lucky that we live this moment who know what will be next minute show us in our life. Take risks; take time to laugh, cry, and do something crazy which will give you happiness.

I know one thing for sure that GOD gives me very good results of what I am doing now because I am working so hard for fulfilling my dreams & with that enjoying my life too and if I failed somewhere, my failure will teach me good lessons. Good opportunities come to a good thinker or those who have the hopes & they never get disappointed. 

Sometimes we see actors & actresses or royal peoples & wish to live life like them but very few people know about the struggle behind their success. Every successful person has his own story of pain without which he will not able to reach that place.

Let me tell you my short story about life:

Me & my son went for shopping. While returning to our home our rickshaw stopped at the traffic signal and my son saw one old lady cleaning the place and arranging the bags near the signal. My son asked me very curiously “why she is doing this”?

I told him “she will stay there”?

At this his mouth remained open in bewilderment. He asked me so many questions after that.

“Where will she cook, where will she eat, sleep”? & so many other questions; I gave him a very short answer:

“She will do all this on that tiny space near the signal where she was cleaning”

His eyes remained wide open. After all this I told him we have to thank GOD that he gave us good food to eat, a house to stay & sleep. At this point I saw a very cute smile on my son’s face that really he understood the importance of life that GOD gives us.

If we remain happy & fresh then we will be able to build good relationships with others. Our life undergoes with physical and emotional upheavals & we are a product of all these experiences.

So we should live life like a movie experience – Feel it, enjoy it & sing it. There will be neither a break nor an interval in this movie, only one exit from this cinema hall which we called world.

How To Be Positive Every Day

 B+ve 2Before I say anything about positivity; I am going to tell you a little bit about negativity – It’s about negative thoughts.

Why do we feel negative so often?

Well! The reason is that our brain stores negative thoughts more quickly than the positive ones. It’s always not a bad thing because memorizing our problems can lead us better to get solutions for them.

Usually we think negative because we are very much sensitive or emotional about a particular thing. We think, we imagined positive & negative effects about that particular thing but the real reason is something else.

Actually, our negative thoughts vibrations are much stronger than those of our positive thoughts.

My blood group is B+ but still I m thinking negative most of the times (just joking).

Let me tell u story about two hearts.

One day my teacher came into our class. The whole class stood & wished her good morning; but she didn’t say a single word. She turned back & drew two hearts on the black board. Everyone was confused in the class; why did she draw two hearts?

She asked us “tell me why I drew two hearts on the blackboard”?

One boy stood & told her “I though u will tell us about healthy heart or poor heart”

Teacher said “no”,

Now everyone was extremely confused.

Then the teacher wrote the heading on the heart shapes “POSITIVE HEART” and “NEGATIVE HEART” and then she explained that we have two hearts inside us.

One heart will always tell you good things but the negative heart will tell you opposite things.

Negative heart will always try to oppose the positive heart strongly; but it depends on you – whom you prefer to listen.

The method that your positive heart will ask you to adopt will be difficult & getting the result following this method will take time. But when you get the result after following your positive heart, you will feel great.

Our teacher looked at us & gave a beautiful smile. Thanks to my lovely teacher; she taught me a lot of things.

If you are unable to stop thinking negative, then don’t think anything. Not even positive. Speak to yourself & tell your brain to be calm & quite.

Thinking too much will make you extremely confused about both the decisions. At such circumstances you should do one thing. Think about the place where you always want to go – a place in your dream world. Think that you are on that place, all alone, sitting there with calm mind & listening to your favourite music. This imaginary world will take you out from your negative thoughts. Now think about your problems & try hard to think about only the positive thoughts because you are on such beautiful place & you don’t want any negativity around you. Believe me, it works.

One more thing you can do to divert your mind negative thoughts is chatting with your friends or your colleague about any other topic; say about movies, music, etc.  Gossiping for some time will bring you out from those negative vibrations & you will be able to think freshly again.

One more method which I have used most of the time when I wasn’t able to find solutions because my negative and positive thoughts were fighting is this:

I would chant GOD’s name and would believe strongly that he has the solution to every problem. He has created this entire world & without His will, even a leaf wouldn’t move. He has created us. We are His children. Why will He give pain to us.

I am a parent & I feel really bad when my son gets hurt. We too are God’s children. He too must be feeling hurt when He sees us (His children) in problem. He will surely give a solution to your problems & if He doesn’t then He must have thought something better for you which you will realise when the right time comes.

If God gives us sweet moments always then we would rarely remember Him, that’s why He gives us some hard moments also, so that we would learn some things from these moments.

When you are in problems give your best fight to come out of it & if you still fail to come out then place your trust on God; He will never let you down. I am sure.

I believe in the following :

“Live this moment; who know what will happen in the next minute. So be happy and always B+”

B+ve 3

How To Live Life Like King

B+ve 1Our Life is not always the same. It brings happiness as well as sadness. Sometimes life is very simple and at other times it’s very complicated. I think we should live our lives like kings and queens; then each day of our life will become extremely beautiful.

When I was kid, my granny used to tell me stories of kings. When she would tell me stories, I would imagine the life of a king – his palace, his big chair, his dining table full of fruits and eatable items; his servants and his subjects.

At those times I used to think that I would certainly want to live the life of a king. However, by the time I grew up, I gradually forgot the life of that imaginary king and realized how life truly is. I realized that real life is not like the ones my granny used to tell me in the stories.

But one day I thought why my Granny told me these stories at the time when I didn’t know what the life is. She never told me how the royal king is. She always told me the stories about his brilliance, his helping nature. Why?

Because she wanted me to “live life like a king”

In today’s world we are so much busy with our daily routine work that we even don’t have time to think. Our life is like a race.  From all these busy schedules we have to spend some time; one small moment for someone. If somewhere you see an old man or a woman trying to cross the road and they are not able to do so, then help them and see the magic on their face and somewhere inside you. Sometimes instead of giving money to roadside children or people give them something to eat which they will never afford to buy and you will see the magic. You will see how much happiness comes to their life with this small act of yours. Try it once. These small small things never take much time of our lives. From these small moments we understand the value of our lives which God gives us.

After helping & sharing your one moment with someone you will also say like me “live life like king”


I Believe That Marriages Are Made In Heaven

I believe that God give us birth in pairs. When he gave birth to me He already decided with whom I will marry. He decides our partner at the time when we are born. We will have to take care of that relationship so deeply.

A girl, right from her childhood till the time when she understands  what LOVE is, knows one thing for sure; that one day that beautiful moment will come in her life when she will marry her prince. Till that time she prepares herself, every day, for that special moment.

Just about any girl you ask, including me, has at some point dreamed about her picture-perfect wedding, husband and home—with a list of expectations from each. Every day she imagines about that imaginary prince that, one day he will come & take her with him so long to give her happiness that she always wants.

Every girl creates an imaginary picture of her dream man & finally that day comes into her life when her dreams taking shapes of trueness & her dreams come true.

Every girl knows that from whole world this is the person who loves her more than anyone else & that feeling means lot for her. She doesn’t want anything but just love & care from the person she loves more than anything else in the world & for whom she waited so long from the time she understood love.

I agree that God has given special importance to this relationship; because in no other relationship does a girl leave her parent’s house to live with her soul mate.

Marriage is one of the most celebrated and talked about relationships. Since the ancient times, marriages have been celebrated as ceremonious occasions, just like the religious festivals, wherein a number of rituals and customs are followed. We have to keep working on things for a good & healthy marriage.

  • Full Attention – Whenever he or she speaks, pay full attention to his / her which shows that you are giving respect. Express your opinion for that particular subject – it tells your partner that you are listening.
  • Give Surprise – Your partner doesn’t need big surprises. Surprise him or her with small things which will create big difference in your life.
  • Experience Teaches – Learn from your past mistakes.
  • Polite – Be polite with his / her when speaking, use phrases like “Please”, “if you can”; it will make your spouse respected.
  • Care – Always ask him / her about health & is he / she had finished meal. If wife is housewife & she cooks for you always appreciate her cooking.
  • Don’t score – Don’t keep track who did so much of mistake or who says sorry a lot.

You will find the success if you will follow these things in your happy married life. Action speaks louder than words so for a good marriage always treat each other lovingly.

Take Care.

How to Express Your Feelings

How to Express your FeelingsExpressing is not about what you think it’s all about what you feel.  We give our ideas our thoughts about how to communicate but we never say anything about how to express, the more u share the more your life will be meaningful & happy. Feelings are related to our emotions when u express your feelings  for “Care”, “like”,  & “love” with someone, u feel so emotional that time. If u express your feeling with your parents they will really love to hear, if u will tell them that how much u love them, they will have tears in their eyes.  If you share your feeling with someone special he or she will love to hear that again & again (ha but it must be good & lovely ones)

The word express means lot for me & after finish this article u will feel same too. Expressing our feelings is great thing & u will love this too, there is neither time limit nor particular day to express your feelings for someone it can be anytime anywhere & never cost u much but gives u immense happiness & pleasure.

Let me tell you my story about expressing feelings with my Mom. I steel remember the first day of my School. My mom dropped me at my class & teacher told her to leave & closed the class doors as parents not leaving the class quickly. I cried so much when Mom dropped me at my class & my crying was unstoppable, teacher diverted the entire students mind into playing games & fun activities. Everyone gone from school but after five minutes my Mom came again near my class, she not disturb teacher nor class, my class window door is little bit open she saw me from that very tiny passage whether I stop crying or not but as my luck or teacher bad luck I saw my Mom is standing there & started crying again. After so many years at one evening when I told all these to Mom that I still remember that day she laughed. I told her that Mom I really love u & from that time to till date I really never want you to leave me be always with me, she have tears in her eyes & hugged me & my sister tightly.

I feel so great from the bottom of my heart  after telling this to my mom she done so much for me I will never ever forget that day till the last breath of my life.

That incident thought me lot & from that day I started expressing my feeling with everyone my relatives, my friends, my colleagues and even my bosses too.  At the time of travelling when I feel something good about someone I gone & tell her they thank me for that & shaking my hands & tell me something more about them they feel so refreshed & travelled the entire journey with happy faces.

Everyone not able to express their feeling because:-

  • You feel that you will lose your good relationships & you scare people will reject you if they know how u feel.
  • You think you have control on your emotions & if you express yourself people will feel you as weak & not like you.
  • You convinced yourself that the relationship is not improved no matter what you to do.
  • You believed that others should know how you feel & what you need, & if they fail to do so u feel so upset & lonely.

Why we think so much about all these things. God gives us very beautiful life to live with full of joy & to enjoy each & every movement of it. God gives us so many things & from that so many things one is feeling which we have to express. You think about what will be the result if it is negative or positive but at the end of the day whatever will be the result you feel so relaxed & satisfied that you tell that person what you feel you expressed yourself & it gives you peace of mind truly.

If you are facing some problem in your office like, one of your colleague not like you, not helping you in your work & he/ she tell others bad things about you, find one good point about that colleague (only one) you go & tell he or she about that one good thing that you really appreciate this point of his /her from that time he /she will not say anything about you & u will feel so relaxed cause you express one good feeling about he / she. Why we think so much negative what will he/ she say if you tell her about it, think good be good. Before telling this you always feel that you have so much burden on your heart which u released today. The colleague to whom u will tell this will go & say ten other peoples that you said this lovely thing about his / her & those peoples too will appreciate you. Sometimes go and speak to your boss express yourself tell him that you are really ideal boss for me I will learn more & more things from you. He will appreciate your trueness.

This site & this article will help you to express your feelings so that your relationships will be stronger & happier.

If you need any kind of help from me, or if you want to express your feelings, please share on Please tell me your stories too, I reply to all the mails so keep sending & tell me would u like my story.

Thank you,

Keep expressing.

Take Care.